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Close Control Units


Airedale International Air Conditioning Limited
Airedale was formed in 1974 and has grown to become the UKs largest privately-owned manufacturer of air conditioning products. Investment has played a major role in the successful development of the company and still forms the cornerstone of Airedales strategy for growth and expansion.
The company has kept in tune with changes in market performance and constantly reviewed its product ranges in line with economic conditions and requirements. Satisfying the demands of a wide range of markets has ensured that Airedale remains the first choice for air conditioning in many industrial sectors including telecommunications, banking and commerce, leisure, retail, defence and education.

State of the Art Factory and Test Facility.

Delivering satisfaction to a wide variety of discerning customers, with diverse requirements, demands the highest levels of investment in manufacturing technology and systems. The Airedale factory in Leeds features the very best facilities
including a 2 million test centre. Designed and built to exceed stringent international standards, the Airedale Test Centre is capable of testing a complete range of air conditioning equipment with cooling and heating capacities from 2kW to 120kW and chillers up to 1MW, the climate temperature being fully controllable anywhere from 5C to +55C.



Close Controls range




> 8kW to 100kW cooling capacity
> 72 model sizes
> Advanced AireTronix controls technology
> Upflow and downflow configurations
> Front, rear and base return air options (upflow only)
> DX, chilled water and glycol free-cooling systems
> Single, double and triple circuit models
> Electronic expansion valves
> Scroll compressor technology
> Direct drive fan technology (9-19 models only)


> 5kW to 60kW nominal cooling capacity
> 39 DX and 34 CW cooling capacities
> 6 Case sizes (6-10, 13-17, 22-25, 26-31, 35-45, 50 60)
> Single circuit DX systems throughout
> Advanced AireTronix controls technology
> Tandem scroll compressors available for part load efficiencies
> AV mounted direct drive forward curved fans (Models 6-25 only)
> Modular construction
> Low installation cost
> Low noise
> Full 360 service and maintenance access
> Hydrophilic fin cooling coil
> Upflow and downflow configuration
> Optional integrated plenum (Upflow only)





> 5kW to 21kW cooling capacity
> 6 model sizes
> Energy efficient free-cooling operation
> Advanced AireTronix controls technology
> Low noise
> Full 360 service and maintenance access
> Upflow and downflow configuration
> Small footprint
> Direct drive fan technology
> Single and dual circuit models
> Scroll compressor technology
> BMS compatibility
> Fully packaged unit





> 5kW 19kW cooling capacity
> AireTronix microprocessor controller
> Upflow and downflow configurations
> Backward curved centrifugal fans
> Hermetic scroll compressors
> Anti-vandal construction
> Large surface area coils
> Extra q uiet unit option
> Electric heating option
> Emergency cooling option


Chillers Range


Ultima Compact chiller Freecool

Ultima Compact sales EN.pdf

> 30kW to 450kW nominal cooling capacity
> 75 model sizes offering flexible case configuration
> Standard, Quiet and Super Quiet variants
> Single and dual circuit models (UCC30-80 only, dual
circuit on all larger models)
> Free-cooling models available (75-450kW models)
> Designed and optimised for R407C refrigerant





Ultima Screw chiller Freecool

Ultima Screw sales EN.pdf

> 200 to 750kW nominal cooling capacities
> 39 model sizes
> Standard, Quiet or Super Quiet variants
> AireTronix intelligent microprocessor controls
> Single screw compressors
> Sickle-bladed fans for lower sound levels
> Six to eight stage capacity control as standard (depending upon model size)
> Electronic expansion valves
> Dual independent refrigeration circuits
> Intelligent head pressure control





Airedale participates in the Eurovent Certification programme as a founder member. The performance data of certified products is independently verified and identified within the relevant sales literature