Lonmark cube

Lonmark organisation.

Info about Lonmark certified products and companies promoting Lonworks technology


Lonmark International Magazine.

News and info from the world of Lonworks technology and about the new products, companies which take part in the development of Lon products worlwide. The site includes projects refernces worlwide.

Lonusers Group

Lonusers Groups around the world


Lonusers Group Europe

Lonusers Group Germany

The biggest organization in Europe with the most members ,contains many info for the German market

Echelon company

The designer of the neuron chip where the Lon technology started with many technical whitepapers and products for the creation of Lon networks.

Open systems alliance

Echelon's program to bring closer all the companies working with Lon technology. The site contains a large database with Lon products and integrators.



Tour Andover Controls

Controls company promoting Lonworks technology with a large range of Hardware and software products. The company belongs to Schneider Electric and has it main offices in Europe in Malmo Sweden.

TAC is a former partner of Electroklima for the Greek market with many projects working since 2000 up to now.