Open systems

Lonworks technology is an open solution for the installation of truly open BMS and the only one in the world that has achieved to include so many manufactures in its products lists.

Neuron Chip

With the use of a small single processor (the neuron chip) which integrated the lonworks protocol and includes all the elements necessary for the easy and troublefree communication between the various manufactures the development is focused on new devices with more effective usage and not the development of protocols and transceivers for the communications.


Installation cost

The benefits for the end customers are many both from an economic way of view and effectiveness of the controls. In specific the cost of an installation is lowered significally as there is the possibility of choice between products of different vendors in the same network. Also there is the possibility of a more suitable system as the choices are wider and the customer can choose for its part of his installation the product that best mach his needs. In this flexibility you must add the fact that for the communication of the various devices there is no need for costly gateways as all the devices are directly interopable and also certified by the lonmark organization.

Future plans for the BMS networks

All the big BMS manufactures such as Siemens, Johnson controls, TAC and Honeywell have turned to Lonworks technology, a fact that ensure the future of Lonworks as the interopable protocol of the BMS industry. Very close to the development of lonworks we can relate the TCP/IP protocol which gave the opportunity to all the computers in a network to communicate directly nomatter what operating system or hardware they use. TCP/IP which was first brought to the computer market a few years ago today has dominated the computer world and especially the internet which is the largest computer network ever seen up to now.

The advantages of Lonwoks

The simple way of installation and operation, the standardized by the Lonmark organization network variables (SNVT's) the device templates, the wide choice of communication channels and transceivers and the information which is freely spread for the Lon technology make Lonworks the most interoperable protocol at the BMS sector today. The Lon networks are sponsored as open networks and probably this is the best way to describe the protocol itself.